Monday, December 29, 2008

Oxytocin and Facial Recognition

Oxytocin is a brain hormone that is released in large amounts during labor, as well breast-feeding. It appears to play a role in bonding with a new baby. Research has shown that it also enhances facial recognition, particularly with increasing focus on the eye region of the face.

A recent study by the School of Psychology in New South Wales, Australia had 52 healthy male subjects presented with 24 neutral human faces after they received intranasal oxytocin or placebo. The results showed those who received oxytocin had increased total gaze time to the eye region of human faces.

Oxytocin has been used in the biomedical autism community for quite some time to help improve social interaction, decrease anxiety, and increase eye contact. Oxytocin can be obtained from many compounding pharmacies who prepare it as a nasal spray take once daily.

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