Saturday, March 28, 2009

Combination Multi-Vitamin/Mineral/Anti-Oxidant Shows Benefit for Kids with Autism

Having trouble with capsules or powdered supplements that just are not palatable? New Multivitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant called Syndion is now available from New Beginnings at

This combination formula could be a useful supplement for your family – particularly if you have had difficulty getting your child to take capsules or powders that are not palatable. I like the profile of the supplement as a combination vitamin/mineral/antioxidant remedy and the ingredients are chemical, gluten, casein, soy and egg-free.

Jim Adams from Arizona State University did a study:

“A pilot study indicated beneficial effects on the Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) in all areas, including Speech/Language,
Comprehension, Sociability, Sensory/Cognitive Awareness, and Health/Physical Behaviors” reports James Adams, PhD, an autism researcher at Arizona State University. “There was a 26% improvement in the total ATEC score during the 8 week study.”

Key Facts about Syndion®-SF:
*Is a comprehensive supplement that supplies necessary vitamins and minerals in a form that can be absorbed. It may replace several supplements and could save money.

*Contains important antioxidants which reduce oxidative stress in the body and support the immune system.

*Contains MSM and N-acetylcysteine which are sources of sulfur that support normal transulfuration pathways that contribute to adequate glutathione status.

*Contains adequate doses of B vitamins, folate and folinic acid, and minerals to support normal methylation pathways that can be involved in modification of heavy metals, regulation of gene expression, regulation of protein function, and RNA metabolism.

*Supports natural detoxification pathways that remove toxic substances from the body.

*Safely and effectively increases levels of fat-soluble nutrients and antioxidants.

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