Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ibuprofen (aka. Motrin) Appears to Help Eradicate Candida Overgrowth

Another potential option for treating chronic yeast infections (i.e. Candida) has been discovered - Motrin. In a recent study by Pina-Vaz, from the Department of Microbiology, Porto School of Medicine in Sweden it was shown that Ibuprofen at various concentrations had 'inhibiting' effects on Candida species proliferation, and at higher doses 'cidal' effects (aka. killing) were seen. The cidal mechanism was directly related to damaging the cell wall of Candida.

In addition, it was shown that an additive benefit was seen when Ibuprofen was used along with Fluconazole (aka. Diflucan) - a common medication used for Candida infections. I have have used Motrin for children on the autism-spectrum as a remedy to help decrease inflammation in the body - particularly the brain. Motrin (purchased over-the-counter) is implemented as a 7 to 14 day trial to see if it helps a child with respects to eye contact, focusing, attention, behavior changes, etc. With some children it does, and this has always been assumed to be a direct effect on neurological inflammation. However, with the findings of this new study it is possible that some of the benefits seen with Motrin may be related to an anti-candida property of the drug, and a reduction in toxic levels of yeast.


kimberly said...

I am a mom whom had tons of antibiotics, birth control pills,and steroids for allergies all of which increase candida. I have been on difulcan several times until it just did not work anymore. My mother also used these drugs and soon they no longer worked.I'm assuming the yeast mutate. I have also used nystatin until it too did not work. my son who is autistic also used diflucan and nystatin under DAN! His gut bugs got worse as a result. Its my understanding that these drugs are hard on the liver. My son with autism had bad liver function in the beginning. Is this motrin ( which Ive learned is also hard on the liver) tried on every child or should the liver be tested first? Do these drugs need to be used if the parents are implementing strict SCD diet which does lower inflammation in the body?

kimberly said...

I also meant to say the SCD diet lowers inflammation and kills yeast as well. We followed SCD which worked but we did not do any form of sugar for two months including fruits, and honey. Then we added those in carefully.

Julie said...

better read the article at following address about habitual use of NSAID's (anti-inflammatory drugs) and what they do to the mucosa of our small intestine.